feng shui bedroom colors – how to make the most of a small bedroom

8 Powerful Ways to Organize Bedrooms to Look Larger

A powerful way to organize the feng shui bedroom colors to look more spacious is not a difficult thing to think or do. Just need to consider a few aspects in the bedroom and arrange the small bedroom can look more spacious. Generally, the minimalist home occupancy has a narrow and limited space. However, with these limitations certainly will not make the condition uncomfortable. You can arrange a small room in such a way that looks more spacious.

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 There are several things to consider in arranging the room to look more spacious, among others:

1. Choose the only furniture that is important and minimalist and positioned in 1 location

In a bedroom generally, has furniture. Among them such as chairs, bookcases, mirrors, beds, desks, and others. Well, sometimes the amount of furniture that goes in the feng shui bedroom colors often makes the room more narrow. Space is too full space consumed by the furniture. So how is the solution? Or how to choose nice furniture for the bedroom?

If your bedroom room is not too large or only about 3 × 3, 3 × 4, or 3 × 5 then choose the main furniture only. Most preferred furniture such as desks, wardrobes, and chairs. And use minimalist furniture just do not be too fancy or big. Put study desks and chairs near the window and adjacent to the wardrobe. Group them into one location of the furniture so other areas will appear looser.

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2. Large windows

Do you believe that if we install a window that has a large size in a narrow room, then the room will feel looser? The logic is that if in a small space we can look out or into a wider room then the tight space that we occupy will feel more spacious.

The solution is to gain access to the wider outdoors by installing large window rooms. In addition to suggestions that will make the room occupants feel more spacious room, light into the room will also increase the room looser.

3. Plain wall paint and reduce wall decoration

Wall paint or wall color also has a significant role to the suggestion. If the wall color is plain, then the bedroom will feel more spacious. But on the contrary, if the wall paint patterned or darkened the bedroom space actually seems narrow. This applies to wall ornaments and similar trinkets. If too many were the wall decoration, then the bedroom will indeed appear full and small, but if the wall is plain and bright, then it will be different.

4. Choose a minimalist mattress

Minimalist bed for a small bedroom to look more spacious about what kind? The logic is that if you want a room for a narrow sleep then, of course, the comfort level to sleep on a lower mattress. Therefore, if the room is small or limited, then use a minimalist bed only, can be folded. Or use a bed without a bed, the model is like a Japanese mattress.

5. Use ceramic or tiles that are color or in harmony with the wall

Selection of ceramic color or tile or floor with wall color will make room feels roomier. Egg white plain wall paint, then use white ceramics as well and white ceiling. The result then the room will look one color and wider. But it can also use a harmonious combination of colors.

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6. Group electronic items

In a bedroom, also, there are also generally furnishings of electronic goods. For example, such as TVs, computers, laptops, bed lights, study lamps, fans, mobile phones, and so forth. How to arrange the room to look more spacious is to put the electronic items in one location. For example TV, computer, laptop, fan in place one table. Better if the electronic goods can be stored in the closet when finished, or there is a special cabinet/table to put it close.

7. Closed Bookcass

Bookshelves are also an integral part of the feng shui bedroom colors. But the arrangement of a bookshelf that is less precise will make the bedroom room more narrow. The solution is to get a wider bedroom by hiding the bookshelf. How to do? Use closed bookshelves. Bookcases or bookcases more precisely. Or create a bookcase under the desk or something.

8. Big mirror

The mirror is also one of the obligatory objects in the bedroom. But sometimes its existence actually makes the bedroom room feels cramped. The solution is to use a larger mirror. In a narrow room if you put a large mirror it will cause more room suggestions are even wider. This is because of the mirror effect that reflects indoor conditions.

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