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Every new family, of course, want to be given a baby. Be it male and female, a child is still the greatest gift and deposit from God to us. However, please be aware that boys and girls, both have a striking difference.

Starting from the physical appearance, likes, psychic, their idol, their hobbies, favorite games, clothes, things, and other things. Well, of course, for the child to develop better, you should provide them the bedroom facilities. And of course, the master bedroom decorating ideas

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With the girls, a bedroom is not the same. Whether regarding appearance, furniture used, and other items. Girls’ bedroom generally has a soft or feminine impression. While boys tend to be more active, so it looks also need to impress positive. And preferably, the design used in their master bedroom decorating ideas should also be tailored to their personality and daily life.

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Facilities In Bedrooms Boys

Sleeping with children is no prohibition. But there are limits. We as parents should give them privacy. If your child is in his teens, then private bedrooms should be provided for them. When examined again, boys who should be main given master bedroom decorating ideas.

That way, he felt entrusted to care for and maintain the cleanliness of the comfort, and neatness of his bedroom. But sometimes, often found that there are parents who master bedroom decorating ideas in children even tend to be negative.

That is, the child so comfortable to linger in the room. Though this is not good for his mental development to face the social environment. A child will be said to be arrogant or unconcerned about the surroundings if they are always in the room.

If they leave the room, maybe they will just shower, eat, or watch TV. But there are also parents who provide complete and modern facilities in the bedroom. Such as TV, Laptop, PlayStation, internet connection, bathroom, and so on. Excess is precisely the cause of the error factor. The child will feel that his room is complete, if they want something they already have it. So the communication with people around was so reduced, or minimal.

Therefore, we only need to provide simple facilities. Especially for the bedroom in a minimalist home. Such as beds, cabinets, study tables, shelves, lamps, study lights, laptops, and chairs. This alone is more than enough. And try, this furniture is multifunctional.

And if there are goods that are rarely used, should be removed. So the available space is quite full. And also, the room even more roomy, neat, and clean. For boys bedroom size, it should not be too big or too small. Enough with standard size only. For example with size 4 m x 4 m, or 4 m x 3 m. Guaranteed to feel comfortable and flexible.

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¬†Well, especially for those of you who have children in school age adolescents, the room is also often used as a meeting point. Where they will invite friends to relax or even do chores in the room. Until the master bedroom decorating ideas is not only used as a place to rest or sleep alone but to chat with his friends.The lighting factor is also worth noting. Keep the room using bright lights, but not too bright. Because usually, children will also be more happy and calm when studying in his own room. So when studying, children become the focus or concentration. It’s good, the rooms use cross ventilation.

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