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unique bedroom ideas ~ What will you do when your big boy wants to have his own room, but your house is not enough?

If you have to renovate the house into a two-story building would cost a lot. If the funds do not yet exist, will your child’s wishes not be realized?

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Relax, we can still use the attic area. Many people use the attic as a warehouse or storage area. If space is eligible, you can just use it as a bedroom.

It takes a careful planning if you want to make room in the attic area. We should be able to process the airflow system to keep the coolness and comfort for the occupants.

Fresh air entering through the window door will be thrown out into the hot air through the attic. If you compare, the air temperature of the attic feels higher than in the lower area. We need to do some engineering on the attic room to be a comfortable and decent room.

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 Change Ceiling For Floor


If you turn the attic function into a room, then the roof area should also be used as the floor. The old roof construction is usually not planned for the floor, so you have to unpack it.

If you want to be a permanent room, then you should make the attic floor is made of cast concrete. You must create a high beam and make sure the retaining column is also eligible. In order not to increase the weight of construction load, use a lightweight material as a floor covering.

Creating an attic floor with wooden construction is also nice. Of course, the dimensions of the beam are much larger than the previous ceiling structure. Cover with vinyl carpet to make the floor look neat. Or if you want to expose the wood board material, use a good wood finish to keep the floor safe against termites and durable.

Roof Construction

Your attic room will deal directly with the slope of the roof. You must make sure the floor height to the lowest roof area is adequate if you stand there. Make sure that your head is not knocked against the roof truss. At least a safe height of no less than 2 m – 2.4 m is required

Materials on the roof construction should also be checked. If you use mild steel, we will have difficulty making space in the attic because the distance between the horses is 1 m to 1.5 m. The loft area is more easily formed if you use concrete horses or wooden horses.

Air Circulation

Here’s what we’ve talked about-about air circulation in the attic area. The air in the attic feels hotter than the room beneath it. To fix this, install the insulator to reduce the heat uptake under the tile. You can use aluminum foil, polyurethane or glass wool.

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 If still possible make an additional window on the attic wall. You will get a much better fresh air circulation. If still not cool, you can install Air Conditioner (AC).

Daytime Lighting

The attic area is usually dark. If the window you created is still not enough to enter the light, you can create a skylight. Use a glass tile or other transparent roof cover so that sunlight can come into the attic. But you also have to estimate the amount of light capacity required. Do not get too dazzled. Moreover, excessive sunlight will increase the room temperature.

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Access to the Loft

Because the attic area is above it will need a ladder to access it. Make sure that the ladder is strong enough and safe for children to use. The safety and comfort factor must be calculated.

The ladder should be in the most efficient position possible so as not to make the bump room feel cramped. Do not let the existence of the stairs to interfere with the activities of space under it.


We will not put a lot of furniture in the attic area that is not so vast. Wear furniture that is really needed only. To be more effective, you can create built-in furniture which can be used as storage space.

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